There’s good news, bad news and some overall positive news for Metal Roofing Customers in 2011 who are looking to qualify for the Energy Star Tax Credit.

The Good News first:
Legislation extends the 25C heating and cooling equipment and building envelope tax incentives for another year!

The Bad News:
At Reduced levels! The new bill extends eligibility to the end of 2011, but reduces the incentive to the original 10% up to $500 from the originally amount of 30% up to $ 1,500.

The Positive News:
Metal Roofing is still one of the most energy efficient home improvements you can install on your home. And although the tax credit has decreased, energy prices are still going up which means installing a metal roof now can save you even more money in the short and long term. “Cool” Metal Roofing uses infrared pigments in the paint coating to reflect the sun’s radiation reducing roof surface temperatures by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit! In addition, because metal roofing is much less bulky than asphalt shingles, it doesnt hold heat as long, saving you 1-2 hours each night from running your AC in the summer.

In addition, metal roofing is still the most versatile roof system on the planet with the ability to integrate with thin film solar roofing, solar thermal and hot water, reflective attic barrier above decking as well as enkamat synthetic mesh spacer for added insulation.

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